Lizzy Chakaza

Hello my name is Lizzy and I live in Wynberg. I grew up in Harare and I have now been a full time nanny for 8 years. I also have experience as a Night Nurse.

I have practical experience with Newborn Babies and children aged 1-3, 4-6 and 7-10 years old. I was last certified for Infant and Child CPR & 1st Aid in 2015, and I am also a twin mom.

I am generally available weekdays Monday to Friday from 6pm to midnight, and on  Saturdays from 8am to midnight, or for a Night Nurse shift.

After 6pm you can send me home in an Uber, Bolt or drop me off at my house.
If you request that I use private transport for safety reasons due to Covid19, then you will be charged R4 per km for the return trip to your home, regardless of the hours.

I can prepare meals for children. I speak English and Shona, and I’m comfortable with cats and dogs.

I have three children, twins aged 11 years old and 22 year old son, and I look forward to meeting you and your children.



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